Opaque Pop

by Fake Flowers

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MBR - No. 34

This collection of songs marks Fake Flower's debut release, supported by our good friends in Marching Banana & Freeklife. Opaque Pop's tracks span every corner of our song catalogue, but familiarity with each of them allowed us to focus highly on production. Each song should be interpreted as its own sonic universe, inspired by the dense soundscapes of producers like Phil Spector, Brian Wilson, and Kevin Shields. Have a cup of tea with each one, get to know them. This is our thank you gift to everyone who's stuck around with us thus far -we hope you enjoy the record, our next release will be coming soon !
Recorded May 2013 - 2014 at Studio 1093, with additional overdubs at The Blue Hole in Athens, GA . . .This album was produced, engineered and mixed by Richard Salino , mastering was done by Tom Lewis. . .
- Jacob Chisenhall: Guitars, vocals, keyboards, organs, handclaps
- Jack Wucher: Bass, vocals, handclaps
- Richard Salino: Drums, sleighbells, handclaps, add. percussion
* McKendrick Bearden played the gnarly solo in Petunia, and other guitars on Blondie
All songs written by Jacob Chisenhall (2014 BMI), except "Blondie" by Jacob Chisenhall & Jack Wucher
Album artwork done by the lovely Nathan Forsyth


released June 3, 2014

Endless thanks to : Drew (The Kid) Kirby for all the support , brotherhood, and being the only one crazy enough to come on tour with us . . John from the BlueHole for letting us take over his house . . . Studio 1093 and Jim . . Brittany (Gemini) Wages . . Hayes Helsper for the collaboration & Harmony . . Chisenhall , Salino , & Wucher families . . . Andy . . Chase . . Owen . . Emily. . . Petunia. . . Lia . . Kaylyn . . JP & Sommer . . Joel . . Slade . . McKendrick . . Genevieve . .

Even more thanks to :
** Richard Salino , who really put his heart and soul into these recordings, we wish you the best !
** Kenneth (Coach) Green , who has given us so much love , support , guidance , (and whiskey) . . .



all rights reserved


Fake Flowers Atlanta, Georgia

Fake Flowers plays lush, propulsive pop songs, combining elements of shoegaze, post-punk, surf, and psychedelia. With guitars both fuzzy and jangly, a grooving rhythm section, and layers of dreamy vocal harmonies, the band could easily fall into late 80's/early 90's college-radio rotation but emphatically and refreshingly retools the styles of its forebears. ... more

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Track Name: Blondie
So take your finger and show her where it hurts
She will ease the pain and leave a stain of makeup on your shirt
Hold you , fill all the holes with dirt
Only just an ounce of her will give you what you're worth
So sink your teeth into me :

Blondie , you're my dreamer
And there's no in-betweener
- I'm counting on you to click your heels and change the story
To give me back my former glory
Blondie , you're my dreamer tonight

Sticky fingers playing suckle in the jam
She will make you swoon , change your tune
And tell me who I am
Spinning stars fly all around her room ( room . . . room . . .)
See the universe ? It's all hers
- but you can have it too !
So come and jump the fence ,
She is the 7th sense
Track Name: Angel, You're Gonna Fall
I have tried so hard to be what you want me to
- It's spinning me out now
I have tried so hard , but you're still on guard
I can walk you home . . . But I can't stay
And in Time , you will find
There is no route or substitute for Love
this is my warning call :

Angel , you're gonna fall !

Babe, I think it's strange:
I'm holding you up - you're putting me down
Babe, I think it's strange
I just can't explain why your in the clouds
. . . When I'm on the ground
So if you run towards the sun
I hope that you have a parachute
You fly when you can barely crawl . . .

Angel , you're gonna fall !
Track Name: Petunia
Young & Free was how it used to be
Until summer came along and changed it all around
But I miss the way your heart talked to me
Speaking . . . without any earthly sound
My gorgeous , foreign flower
How'd you get the power to leave my world and live inside my dreams ?

So tell me , tell me truly
Are you satisfied inside your new reality . . ?
Because here with you it was perfect - everything I wanted
Was it too good - too good to let go ?

Don't you know , sweet Petunia,
That the air that you breathe makes the air that I need ?
Don't you know , sweet Petunia,
That the thought of you leaving has got me wheezing still ?

So I need you to breathe . . .

Young & dumb was how I used to be
But without you , I know I'm lost completely
I feel like I'm a child living in the wild of a love
that grows and grows away from me . . .
Track Name: Peppermint
They may as well put signs on the beach saying:
" Watch for that girl in peppermint streaks ! "
One look in those reds & whites makes hearts skip beat
When she moves , feet turn to lead;
Latin girl , this song in her head
Without one word , she put all else to bed . . .
Where your time is wasted trying to get away

Someone should put a note on the stairs saying:
" Watch your step if she is there ! "
One look in those dark brown eyes could make you fall
Far . . . Far from the place
Where thinking comes at a natural pace
She left a path of ivory and sage . .
Where your time is wasted trying to get away

So love , give me love , my baby
Love , give me love , oh darling . . .
Track Name: Don't Listen to Them, Baby
I know that they've said
That I'll make your eyes go south
Don't listen to them , baby
Until you've heard it from my mouth
No rumor or two
Can get in the way of our fun
Don't get undone , you'll find happiness in the sun . . .

Don't listen to them , baby
Don't let a stupid misconception drive you crazy !

When you were so close
Now your love they forbid
Don't listen to them , baby
How could they not defend their own kid . . ?
I know it's so sad
But hurt you , I won't allow
Because they're not your family , I am your family now !